AKASHI – Game app (In development)


AKASHI is an audio game app which consists of an interactive action story. Players are blindfolded and a sword is given to them in order to play. The player must use only their sense of hearing in order to complete the game.

Prototype - User Interaction

The player interacts with the game by facing where the sound attack comes from and swiping the sword against their enemy. The player’s attack has to coincide with the enemies distance. If the attack is not timed accordingly, the player incurs virtual injuries.

Prototype - Steps

  • The player takes their shoes off and enters the room
  • The player then takes their stance on a red furry dot on the floor. Subsequently, the system tracks the user’s signal and the player has the best experience
  • A video story is displayed as an intro and tells the player to take the sword
  • The room is then plunged into completely dark
  • The user experiences an interactive training session
  • The individual can then begin the total gaming experience

Akashi The Blind Samurai